Hello Everyone!! Our names are Romeo and Juliet and we are a bonded pair of budgies. No 1 is sure of our age - they are guessing around 2 yrs old. We just had our veterinarian visit and were given a clean bill of health. Isn't it nice that Florida Parrot...
Foghorn is an fullgrown white leghorn rooster. Unknown age. rescued from a free add. We are hoping to find him a home that will not eat him. He will happily repay your care with bug eating services and free fertilizer!
Hi! My name is Volker and I am a Yellow Naped Amazon. I am 43 yrs young and young I am, because in captivity we can live to be 80yrs old. I have lots of years in front of me to be able to give someone lots of great times. I am a really wonderful, swe...
Good Day, Everybody! I'm here to introduce myself, Gandolph, and my precious little pal, Pearl. I'm the nice looking green feathered fellow otherwise known as a Jenday Conure. I am 16 yrs old which is still young, as we Jenday Conures can live to be 3...
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