Going to a wedding in Puerto Rico where ALL the guests must wear a tuxedo. Would like to borrow one my trip and would return it 2 weeks later all cleaned! Thank you for you interest.
yesterdayLady Lake, FL+23 milesItems Wanted
Natural looking rocks for landscape for mobile home park resident. Hauler needed.
I am looking for a mannequin or a dress form. If you have one you no longer need or want please let me know.... thanks.
I have started having seizures. really need a medic a alert system to get in touch with my family if I cannot respond on the phone or call someone in time.. live in the country... I need something that does not have to be a paid service.. I do have a cell phone and Wifi..
**Edited to remove backstory* Refrigerator died.Please help
days agoLady Lake, FL+23 milesItems Wanted
Looking for any type of pots/containers that can be used for container gardening.
Lost a bit of wgt, and could use some size medium pull on jean shorts. Color doesn't matter.
we really need a washer and a dryer but a washer is the necessity as we can hang clothes. we appreciate any help we can get to get one . thank you
If you have one not being used we would so greatly appreciate getting a 25" or 30" Television for mom to enjoy in her room. Thank-You
I m looking for planters for my succulents. Any pots or cute things that can be used as pots would be wonderful! Thank you in advance :)
I am trying to build strength if you can part with a Pilates workout station please let me take it.. I will use it!!!!
Wine, liquor, beer, vinegar and oil bottles. All colors and shapes.
In need of a hospital bed for elderly lady unable to get up and out of a regular bed. Low cost or free to get out of your way or to really help us to take care of mom at home. Thank you,